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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mitted to shooting and killing trayvon martin. they are the first pictures of the community watch volunteer from that night, most telling according to the martin family attorney because of what you don't see. >> it is clear now we have heard with our ears the 911 tapes. now tonight america sees with our eyes the video. and we know that that police report is a fabrication. >> reporter: the official police report says zimmerman's back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. that zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head and that he was given first aid in the back of a police cruiser. his attorney has said his nose was broken, head slammed against the concrete, and says the new video doesn't provide any new evidence in the case. >> the video is very grainy and i'm not sure it has as far as being able to see the injuries that were recently sustained and then later cleaned up, you know, clearly, the report shows he was cleaned up before he was taken in the squad car.
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>> reporter: in an interview with the orlando fox affiliate zimmerman's father said martin threatened his son who acted in self-defense. >> trayvon martin said something to the effect of your' going to die now or you're going to die tonight. >> reporter: now police, the justice department, fbi, and angela cory, a new prosecutor appointed by the governor, are all trying to piece together why martin died and if it was a crime. cory could make the decision to file charges on her own or turn over evidence to a grand jury that is scheduled to meet the second week in april. jay gray, nbc news. >> the trayvon martin case continues to motivate protesters in our region to take action. today one local group claims the trayvon martin case glorifies what they call a kill at will law. we'll have a report on that coming up in our second half hour. we're following some developing news in the child sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the judge has pushed the trial back by three weeks because of
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scheduling issues. the judge said in part various logistical contingencies have arisen. the former defensive coordinator is facing 52 counts of abuse but denies those allegations. students in prince george's county are mourning the sudden death of a 17-year-old classmate. she was a senior at seratsville high in clintonville, maryland when she collapsed yesterday while jogging during gym collapse. today students marched around the track in her honor some wearing her favorite color, pink, and carrying pink balloons. grief counselors were also there today. her father said he is not aware of any illness or condition that could have caused her death. the police in fairfax county say they have uncovered an under age prostitution ring that's run by alleged gang members. police say the gang members recruited high school students to have sex and then threatened them if they wanted out. pat collins in alexandria now
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with more. >> reporter: jim, this is a federal case. five suspects arrested. ten teenage victims, gang prostitution. and they say it's been going on for sometime. they say he is one of them. he goes by the nickname bleak. others with nicknames like j-dirt, loc, and knox, alleged gang members charged with luring high school girls into prostitution. >> the sexual exploitation, sexual trafficking of young girls is an unconscionable crime yielding unspeakable trauma. >> reporter: the recruiting. they approached teenage girls at metro stations like this one in springfield. one 17-year-old says she was approached at her school. others contacted on facebook. the pitch always the same. you're pretty. you can make a lot of money. when one girl said she was only 16, they say that's good.
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we can make more money off young girls. >> young women including juveniles were allegedly targeted, recruited, exploited, physically abused, and threatened and put at risk for financial gain by others. >> the sex. they were told to charge 30 to $40 for ten minutes. they often sold sex door to door at apartments in alexandria. they were told to try to find apartments with multiple men inside to minimize the walking outside and maximize the profits. one 17-year-old teenager says she was taken to an apartment and forced to have sex with 14 unknown males. the suspect known as knox they say is really hignoc who lives
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with his mother in this home in springfield. ruth reid lives next door and says she never spectrometried anythispectrometried -- expected anything. >> they seemed nice. i never noticed anything unusual at all until the police showed up the other day. >> reporter: the feds say this investigation is not over. they say there may be more victims here. live in alexandria, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you, pat. a fast moving fire caused extensive damage to homes on andrews airforce base starting just before 4:00 this afternoon. it happened in one yard of one town house then quickly spread to two others. no one was hurt. the bulk of the fire is now out. medical marijuana is close to a reality here in the district. the d.c. department of health says it will announce tomorrow which companies will receive the highly coveted licenses to growth controversial plant. it's prompting a local businessman to open a new store. it's called we grow. it'll be in northeast. alex wong says the store will provide everything you need to
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grow medical marijuana including lights, equipment, even classes on how to cultivate it. wong says he decided to open the business after watching his mother battle cancer. >> she did go through a lot of chemotherapy and a lot of morphine and other types of drugs that inhibited her ability to live peacefully and nicely toward the end. it's been about seven years and during that time period i have been reading up and looking at what could have been different in our lives, in her life especially of course. medical marijuana was something i see was an alternative form to help her with some of the nausea, some of the inability to eat and just be peaceful. >> reporter: the only thing that we grow will not be selling is marijuana plants and seeds. wong says the store will provide supplies to anyone who wants to grow hydroponic and indoor plants. lawmakers today defeated a move that would cut billions of
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dollars of tax breaks enjoyed by the big oil companies. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: jim, thanks. it was pushed by president obama. he is the one who failed up here today. running for re-election he wants to be seen siding with americans suffering pain at the pump. pushing to end the government subsidy of exxon, shell, bp, chevron, and conoco phillips, president obama challenged senators who were about to vote. >> they can stand with the big oil companies or they can stand with the american people. >> reporter: he said the public is being hit twice, paying record high prices at the pump and giving billions in tax breaks to producers. >> with high oil prices around the world. they've got more than enough incentive to produce even more oil. >> reporter: they have record profits, almost $5 million an hour for exxon and democrats complained ceos making tens of millions with taxpayers' help. >> the american people know that
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these subsidies are unnecessary and ineffective and immoral. >> reporter: but they're irrelevant, said republicans, to our pain at the pump. >> facts are stubborn things and supply and demand is what dictates price. we should be robustly exploring the natural resources of the domestic united states of america for less dependence on foreign oil and more dependence on our own oil. >> reporter: another fact is many oil state democrats support subsidies. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: the obama plan lost 51-47 as experts warned gas prices will go higher. >> unfortunately for consumers and i think we're all of the same mind here there is little that can be done in the near term. >> reporter: two-thirds of americans disapprove of how barack obama is handling rising fuel prices in tuesday's reuters poll. aides say the president will keep pushing to do away with taxpayer subsidies of big oil. jim, back to you. >> steve handelsman, thanks.
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today congress voted to extend the federal highway and transit funds. the 90-day extension would keep construction projects from shutting down around the country. the bill now goes to the president's desk. today the house also passed a $3.5 trillion budget plan. it would restructure medicare to include a private option and it would cut spending on food stamps. that bill does not raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. it still needs to be approved in the senate. mitt romney got a big endorsement today from a former president. george herbert walker bush announced his endorsement in texas. the former president says he believes romney is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and said it was time for his republican rivals to step aside. >> i think it's time for people to get behind this good man and some of them waged very good fight. i'd say that about some of the opponents. but we're so convinced.
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we've known mitt for a long time, that he is the man to do this job and get on and win the presidency. >> former first lady barbara bush sitting there and florida governor jeb bush have also announced their support for romney. coming up tonight some people stockpiling megamillions tickets. the jackpot is surging now past half a million dollars. daddy! >> you're going to be fine. >> daddy, where's mom? what you stopping for? >> a family shares its view during a frightening wildfire escape. there was one person who had the presence of mind to keep everyone calm. new speed cameras in the city are monitoring drivers but there is a question about who is really monitoring the speed camera program. we'll have a report on thanch a unique band showing off its skills with no traditional instruments. doug, what you got? >> i've got a cold night in store. some areas under a frost advisory. i'll show you who is going to see the coldest temperatures tonight and who is going to see the most rain this weekend.
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we'll talk about it in a minute. hey, dan. >> the former redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb questions the shanahan's ability to develop robert griffin iii. the wizards trying to focus on the positives instead of the frustrations. the capitals try and rebound from a big setback in their push for the postseason. as news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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d.c. police have speed cameras keeping an eye on you but who is watching the police when it comes to regulating that speed camera program? each speed camera ticket cost at least $125 bucks and in a news 4 exclusive tracee wilkins uncovers why the district changed the way it was operating some of the cameras. >> reporter: speed cameras like this one are called across the road or atr radar. it means it's an unmanned speed camera. and because there is no officer standing by to validate an infraction there are other things in place like white lines on the road. these white lines mark distances beyond the speed camera and in photos they show the progression of the vehicle in question and are secondary confirmation that the vehicle was actually speeding. while these lines are here now, they weren't for sometime. nearly 100,000 tickets were issued without them. tickets that the district has not excused.
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news 4 has obtained internal d.c. police e-mails. one entitled re-evaluation of psu deployment. that stands for portable speed unit. it confirms that after several new speed cameras started issuing tickets in october and november of 2011 d.c. police shut down the sites that were issuing tickets and a decision was made to strike the locations after the fact. according to another e-mail for several days in late november and early december cameras were temporarily turned off at six different locations from southeast to northwest. it's not clear why d.c. added the stripes after the fact. but when we spoke with montgomery county police they said they don't operate their speed cameras without the stripes because it's the law in maryland. and it also adds credibility to their program. >> make sure the citizens that get the citation understand the reasoning why we feel that the case is compelling that they've done that speed. it shows clearly that the photographic evidence coupled with the electronic evidence of
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the speed measurement device. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration released a report recommending how to properly operate unmanned speed cameras. in it, they stated their nee d to be a delayed image showing the vehicle crossing a specified line. in a statement to news 4 they said it goes to the core concern of fairness and accuracy. d.c. police refused our request for an on camera interview but released a statement saying in part district regulations do not require roadway striping for speed enforcement. tickets issued by the portable speed enforcement units prior to, during, and after the striping effort are all valid tickets and should be treated as such by the recipients. have you ever gotten one of these tickets? >> yes. a couple of them. >> reporter: we asked d.c. drivers what they thought. >> they're saying the white line wasn't there. now they should refund the people that have paid. >> i guess they should maybe do something like their amnesty program and at least reduce it
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to little or nothing. maybe $10 or something like that. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news 4. >> because d.c. has not adopted the manufacturers' regulations for things like the white stripes the city has a lot of flexibility when it comes to enforcement. in maryland the manufacturers' rules for the speed camera operations, that is now state law. cell phone video has captured a family's frightening escape from a massive wildfire outside denver, colorado. as the fire got closer to their home, this happened on monday, the family quickly piled into two cars and took off. they soon found themselves riding through a tunnel of smoke and flames. after driving for a half mile the family made it out safely. 13-year-old caleb shot the video. at one point you can hear him tell his younger sister everything is going to be okay. >> daddy? >> you'll be fine. >> i didn't know if i was going to live and i was thinking about all the possibilities of how
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things could have gone wrong. i just knew chaos wouldn't really solve anything so i tried to stay calm. >> here it is right here. >> my gosh. >> okay. we're out. >> reporter: firefighters are still working to contain that blaze. 27 homes have been damaged or destroyed so far. at least two people have died. the fire was started by what they call a controlled burn last week. that burn was meant to prevent such fires as that. >> what's even worse is the two people that died were their neighbors who didn't get out in time because they weren't warned in time. so you just, wow. just shows you how swiftly that moves. >> a lot of times they do the controlled burns and they don't realize, they don't forecast the winds correctly so the winds kick up and that is what happens and starts the fires. that is apparently what happened in this one too. >> here we have it a little cooler today. >> a little cooler. some areas in the upper 50s most of us the low to mid 60s while some of you down south hit 70 degrees today. another nice day all across the area. we saw plenty of sunshine and
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really a beautiful afternoon although it was a little bit on the windy side. those winds really helping to kick up the pollen across the region. the high temperature today at the airport officially 70 degrees. but you say, well, it didn't feel like 70 today. that's because that occurred at 12:52 this morning right after midnight. a beautiful night last night. it was simply gorgeous all evening long. that's why we saw the temperature of 70 a little bit earlier this morning dropping down to 56 and then back up to 63 a little bit earlier this afternoon. sneezing season? for sure. we are in the midst of some very high pollen out there right now and it is going to stay high over the next couple days. today we're going to go down a little bit but still medium to high on saturday with some shower activity and then back to the high range on sunday. pollen levels the highest they've been in 13 years here in the month of march. that is a lot of pollen outside and a lot of people suffering from that. 21 right now in leesburg. the current wind gust there. 21 in washington. 16 in fredericksburg.
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winds have been gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour and that's helped to get that pollen into the atmosphere so we need those winds to calm down and they'll do so overnight tonight. right now 61 degrees. a very pleasant evening. a little bit on the breezy side with the winds out of the north about 13 miles an hour with the gusts over 20 but we'll see those winds calm down and our temperatures are going to go down, too. 55 in hagerstown. right now 59 in martinsburg. look at the warmer air. 68 in fredericksburg and 72 in charlottesville after a high near 75 degrees for them. overnight tonight, it's going to cool down in a big way especially to the north and west. frost advisories here including frederick county, maryland and then back to the west. if you're in or around i-81, you are under a frost advisory through the morning hours. a freeze warning in effect farther to the west. but this is going to be a potential problem. you may want to cover up your plants if you live in this area. cover the plants up and just make sure you know it's going to be that chilly when you wake up tomorrow morning. even around the district a cold one but i don't think we'll get
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quite cold enough for frost around the d.c. metro region. satellite and radar showing clear skies will help us cool down tonight and then we'll start to see our chances for rain and clouds on the increase during the day tomorrow. we'll see mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. the latest computer model here showing a little bit of rain around 5:00, 6:00. still unsure. i don't think it's going to happen. i think the rain will hold off until later in the evening so tomorrow should be a dry day but then here comes a warm front. that will bring in rain overnight tomorrow night. in through the day on saturday. saturday will not be a washout. we will just see some light showers. maybe 0.1 inch. maybe up to 0.2 inch. that's as much rain as i think we're going to see. we do need to see some of that rain to suppress the pollen but we also need it because we're very dry. 3 inches below average. not going to see a whole lot of rain though out of the next system. then on sunday a pretty nice day but i still think we'll be in the clouds so at least partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies during the day on sunday. temperatures though will be on the rebound after a cool saturday. this evening clear skies. a chilly evening. cooling quickly.
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down to about 49 to 54 degrees. this is coming in about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. then tomorrow morning, a very cold start. possible frost in some areas down to about 32 in some of the suburbs to about 42 right in the city and that is our average low temperature for this time of the year. that is about where we should be. tomorrow sunshine early. increasing clouds. still nice. 61 to 65 degrees. here's the next couple days showing you the weekend. kind of a half and half weekend. saturday rather cool with a few showers but not a horrible day. sunday looking bitt ining bette looks like a good week monday, tuesday, and wednesday. temperatures above average throughout the period. >> nice. still ahead there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the hot lanes project in virginia. we have a new detailed look at what drivers can expect. a powerful movie about bullying is about to hit theaters and now some kids are revealing the truth about what's happening at local schools. if half a billion dollars wasn't enough to get you out to buy a megamillions lottery buy a megamillions lottery ticket, there are 40 million
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a teenage prostitution operation has been uncovered in fairfax county. police say the alleged gang members picked up underage girls at metro stops on school property, even on facebook. those girls were then forced to
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go door to door looking for men wanting to have sex. if they tried to quit the girls were threatened and physically assaulted. medical marijuana is close to becoming a reality in the district. that is why a new store called we grow is about to open for business in northeast. it will provide everything you need to grow medical marijuana. the d.c. department of health says it will announce tomorrow which companies will receive licenses to actually grow the plant. >> the senate voted today to allow big oil companies to keep their tax breaks. president obama's bill failed mostly along party lines. republicans say stopping subsidies would not bring down gas prices. democrats argued that oil company ceos are making tens of millions of dollars with taxpayers' help. >> new video of george zimmerman. in the hours after he shot trayvon martin is sparking more outrage over the death of that unarmed black teenager. >> here in the district some people say it's going to take more than just an arrest for justice to be served.
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derrick ward has our report. >> reporter: george zimmerman, seen here in the custody of sanford, florida police after his deadly encounter with trayvon martin. martin's family attorney says the footage though brief and silent speaks volumes. >> there is no blood on his clothes. >> reporter: he is referring to accounts in a police report that said zimmerman had injuries from being attacked by trayvon martin. zimmerman says he shot the teen in self-defense. >> there absolutely was some misleading the public when they said his nose was broken and there was blood on the back of his head. >> reporter: the quality of this surveillance video may not have the detail to show any injuries. it essentially answers some questions and cloaks others. >> we are here to if you will pull the curtain back. >> reporter: mark morial president of the national urban league is talking about the origin of the stand your ground laws a possible defense for zimmerman. >> we call them kill at will. >> reporter: from elementary scho schools on we are taught law comes from capitol hill but
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organizers of this organization say laws like the stand your ground law have more nefarious origins. >> like the american legislative exchange council a bipartisan group of state legislators and leaders from the private sector promoting certain policies like limited government. protesters say the council is responsible for stand your ground laws. >> they encourage people to utilize old style vigilante justice. we don't need that in the 21st century. >> reporter: the american legislative exchange council says it's promoted policies based on the florida law but did not draft that law. they also question whether it applies here. protesters say they want to see that law on trial as much as they do george zimmerman. the fbi is among the agencies investigating this case. the case is expected to go before a grand jury on april 10th. a powerful new documentary is taking a hard look at the problem of bullying in schools. >> some kids told him he was worthless, to go hang himself. i think goat to the point where enough was enough.
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>> reporter: the documentary is called simply "bully" and comes out tomorrow without a rating. "bully" follows five kids over the course of the '09-2010 school year and looks at how bullying has affected them and their families. right here in fairfax county school officials have been monitoring bullying and cyber bullying in their system. the 56% of students reported being bullied this past year. school officials say bullying is more common in middle school. it was the highest among eighth graders. 49% said they had bullied, taunted, or teased someone else over the past year. the prince william county school board approved an 861 million dollar budget last night. the budget provides a pay hike for teachers. that step increase is set to, at an average of 2.8%. school board officials say they'll try to avoid any layoffs as they have to cut an extra $5 million from that budget for those raises. by the end of this year drivers in virginia will be able to save time and money when the new beltway express lanes are
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open. julie carey now has an update on the construction and what drivers need to know. >> reporter: by the end of december a trip along the virginia beltway will look like this. four new high occupancy toll lanes. two in each direction. will be complete along with 58 rebuilt bridges and overpasses and v dot officials say those who use the lanes could see commute times from springfield to tysons cut in half. >> you could see 20 to 30-minute improvement just in that stretch of the beltway. >> reporter: officials from flora trans urban the company that will operate the express lanes and v dot provided a detailed project update today. 90% of the work is finished. >> as the construction ramps down our educational program will ramp up. >> reporter: educating the public about the new lanes starts with a name change. for years we referred to them as the hot lanes. no more. they're now the beltway express lanes. officials are also getting the word out that everyone using the lanes will have to have an easy pass transponder and a special
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device called e-z pass flex will be created for car poolers with three or more passengers who want to use those lanes for free. >> if you declare you're hov you must have three people in the car and there will be no toll assessed. if for some reason you don't have three people in the car one day you switch to toll mode and pay the normal toll. >> reporter: there will be no toll gates. these structures called gantry stations will track each vehicle transponder to assess tolls along the way. planners expect the average user to travel just three to four miles. even that will be pricey during rush hour. >> the models show an average of a three and a half mile trip on and off and that trip will be the neighborhood of $5 to $6. >> some commuters say it is not worth it to them. >> i am against it that they're not going to have a set rate for the toll. so it seems almost like a perk just for the rich. >> reporter: but this realtor reasons time is money. >> $5 is what the toll costs and wanted to get to four listings instead of three because of the traffic i'd gladly do it.
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>> reporter: in fairfax county julie carey news 4. officials with virginia transportation department say they are pleased with how a number of other road projects are progressing. it's a decades-long wilson bridge project for example about 90% complete. crews will use this summer to put the final touches on that project. they plan to have an inner loop near telegraph road completely paved and operational by june. the outer loop they expect to be finished in august. as for phase one of the dulles metro rail project construction is estimated to wrap up in the summer of 2013. in the district, there are new calls to resolve the issue of handicapped parking meters around town. the new program was in place to provide the red top, handicapped meters. the council delayed that project for 90 days because there was some confusion about how it would work. and how many meters should be on the street.
6:33 pm
>> others have access to thousands of more meters than i have access to. >> ward three council member mary shea
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breaking news out of montgomery county tonight. authorities say a small child was run over by a golf cart. it happened at the farms park off river road in potomac. no word yet on the age of the child. we're told the child was flown to children's hospital for treatment. we will bring you any new updates as they become available. >> well, a lot of people love the fact that we had that wonderful, warm winter this year but it did trigger a jump in the rat population. experts say mild temperatures were ideal for people and rodents. more people outside enjoying the weather. that means more food outside in the trash. for rats more food leads to more rat babies. pest control companies say this has been one of the busiest years on record. >> you can see them crawling in the different squares, corners of the patio.
6:40 pm
>> they're big. the cats can't even catch them. >> the d.c. rodent control office says they are responding to dozens of calls every month but people should do their part by keeping food out of reach. >> you think you've seen a big snake? check this guy out. it is a prehistoric snake. the length of a school bus. they called this thing tetenobua. the museum of natural history is opening an exhibit featuring a life sized rem calf the prehistoric creature tomorrow. a fossil of the world's largest snake was found several years ago in a coal mine in colombia. when it was alive this snake weighed 2500 pounds. it was 48 feet long. >> it was to squeeze you, it would have the equal force to one and a half times of the weight of the brooklyn bridge on your chest.
6:41 pm
this is one big monster. >> bad dude. the exhibit will be on display through next january. >> he is snacking on an alligator which is kind of cruel in its own gross way. >> so, dan, what are we looking at today? >> hoping the capitals can edge their way back into the playoffs. donovan mcnabb gives his take on whether rg iii can succeed playing for mike shanahan. and after falling short in their last game it is do or die for these guys as they get ready to take on the bruins. also coming up right after sports a band proves you don't need traditional instruments to
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and hello everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. a nice evening out there. a little bit on the breezy side. winds right now gusting about 21 miles an hour out of the north right now. there is still plenty of sunshine out there so we'll be fairly nice. once the sun starts to go down temperatures will cool off fairly quickly and those winds will start to die down. already down to 55 in gaithersburg. a little bit on the cool side if you're thinking about eating dinner outdoors tonight make sure you have the jacket. 64 in fort bell var. reston and herndon the temperature at 58 degrees. a little storm system here, a
6:45 pm
big storm system down to the south. this one will stay to our south but this one is going to come in during the day tomorrow. i think we'll see some clouds from it. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain but i am anticipating more in the way of cloud cover than i was thinking during the day yesterday. 31 in hagerstown overnight. 36 in culpepper. if you're to the west of 81 or along 81 you are under a frost advisory during the night tonight. this does not include the d.c. metro area and does not include southern maryland but we could see some frost in parts of the region. tomorrow's highs 63 in washington. 64 in culpepper. right now 66 degrees down toward charlottesville. i do think tomorrow should be a pretty nice day but there will be rain on the way. we'll update you on when once again in a couple minutes. >> thanks, doug. so mcnabb and the shanahans did not part on the very best of terms and now it's what? what do you call it? >> sounds a little bit like sour grapes but also like a guy who is trying to make a little bit of a splash and perhaps is starting a new career.
6:46 pm
donovan mcnabb's nfl career as a quarterback could be over. his next career as an nfl analyst on tv already under way. and today mcnabb took a couple big swings at mike and kyle shanahan. on espn this morning mcnabb said he thinks the shanahans' egos are too big to tailor their offense to robert griffin iii. mcnabb also said the season could be the shanahans' last in washington if rg iii doesn't make a camp newton type splash. mcnabb's career started a downward spiral when the eagles traded him to washington two years ago. he was benched during the season and never played like the mcnabb we saw in philly. mcnabb and the shanahans never hit it off. it was a bad fit from the beginning. however, mike shanahan said recently he is more than willing to tailor his offense to suit his new franchise quarterback just as he's done in the past. >> you always adjust your offense to your players. you always do that. if you don't, usually you're not going to sleep very long. i take a look at the
6:47 pm
quarterbacks i had. you take a look at joe montana, you look at steve young, you look at john elway. you take a look at brian greasy, jay plummer. you look at jay cutler. all of them had different styles and you have to adjust your offense accordingly. >> what do you think? reasonable criticism? sour grapes? >> you know what? i don't know because i don't know enough about what really went on between them except what i read. there may be, you know, he is not the first one to make that point. let me say that. i have heard that before that the shanahans are not willing to let somebody -- to adjust their offense. >> jay plummer made the point in denver. >> a couple guys made that before. >> there have been a couple articles. >> i don't know. we'll see. >> winning cures everything. so they win this year for the rookie quarterback. we'll forget about -- >> no, i'm thinking i heard a lot of criticism by tom landry who wouldn't change and adopt his offense to his quarterback or to any of his players and he still won. >> tom landry had a pretty good
6:48 pm
run in dallas. >> for quite a while. don't you think? >> we know that all too well. all right. backs against the wall. last chance. must wins. they all apply because the capitals can ill afford another loss against boston. the capitals and bruins on opposite end of the spectrum. one team has a chance to lock up a playoff berth by extending their longest winning streak in three months. the other, the capitals, just trying to keep hope alive. after losing the caps don't control their own destiny for the first time this season. for much of the year, goaltending has been an issue. tonight tomas vokoun will make his first start in goal since march 16. he has rhecovered from the groi injury. he came to washington to win a stanley cup and he knows time is running out. >> where we are, you know, writing on the ceiling for me too so there is nothing to say what i think for and i'm almost 36 years old and this is, you know, it's not like for someone who dies.
6:49 pm
there are so many more chances. not, you know, probably not for me. so this is i think for the team and for me in the next five games so, you know, if you -- >> vokoun, 36 years old, could be the end of the road for him. as everybody watching knows we've been talking about lottery fever for the last couple days. wizards rookie chris singleton is making what he calls an investment in the lottery. singleton said on twitter he is going to buy $10,000 worth of tickets for -- you don't like that? >> no. my one is as good as his 10,000. >> people pointed that out to him on twitter. he said it's an investment. >> a waste of money. >> he is adding to the pot. >> no. go to the toilet and flush it down. because it's the same thing as doing that. somebody call that boy and tell him don't do that. >> chris singleton if you're watching. >> please don't do that. >> pay attention. >> i think it's too late. >> i think you're right.
6:50 pm
he wants a chance to be a half a billionaire. on the court singleton and the wizards haven't been lucky lately. the wizards won their first game with new man nene in the lineup but proceeded to lose the next four. things have looked better at times. the wizards have had big leads but the fourth quarter failures have really done them in. >> i mean, the biggest thing is we need to work on just closing our games, you know, the last games we were up the whole game and then they would come back and get us in the end. and just hold our team. we have more wins under our belt. >> doing a great job. improving each and every day. wouldn't be in those positions. especially from the beginning of the season, a better basketball team. we have to close down the games the next few down the strip. >> taking on the pacers in indy
6:51 pm
tonight. the national high school invitational featuring some of the best basketball programs in the country at georgetown prep. montrose christian is the defending champs and they were action in rockville this afternoon. check this out. stu vetter a 13-year veteran at that school. a local coaching legend. great highlights here. first quarter mustangs up by two. justin anderson not satisfied. he drains the three. anderson really has improved shooting this year. third quarter, missed shot by ravens croft. long pass down court. watch this alley-oop to justin anderson. man. high school. but that's a man jam from anderson. 21 points. he has committed to play for uva. later in the third quarter, big man michael cera hasn't committed never where yet. he gets this deal and the dunk right before the buzzer goes off to end the third quarter. montrose christian rolls 64-48. they will face montvert high school from florida tomorrow. great news for the nationals.
6:52 pm
adam laroche played in his first major league game since march 15th and looked very good. 1 for 2 with a walk. appears to be ready for the season opener a week from today. right around the corner. let's hit the hellie pad. good news for the rest of the acc. north carolina's trio of stars leaving early for the nba draft. they're all expected to be first-round picks. the new head coach at tulsa, the former kansas star is an assistant for the jayhawks and will help them finish up in the final four before leaving. maria sharapova moves into the finals of the sony ericsson after beating her opponent. >> nadal hwan's his name. >> not the federer -- >> what is his name? >> joe. great match last night. >> a barn burner. another story for another day.
6:53 pm
>> right. you know what's coming up though. >> tell me
6:54 pm
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